Free Range Readers

Nurturing Self Reliant Readers and Writers in K-6 classrooms

April 25, 2017
by mnosal

More “What Are You Reading?”

Yesterday, I focused on kid lit I’m currently reading. Today, I want to share what I am reading for professional lit. I know many educators have fallen in love with Jen Serravallo’s work. I appreciate her practical applications of evidence-based reading and writing strategies, and her amazing compendium The Reading Strategies Book

The Reading Strategies Book

has quickly become one of my favorite “go-to” resources for small group, whole group, and one-on-one teaching. The teaching points are clear and easy to implement with integrity. I reflect daily on how much I appreciate this resource!

My brand new copy of The Writing Strategies Book

The Writing Strategies Book

arrived yesterday, and I cannot wait to put these strategies into play! Once again, Jen has curated 300 tried and true strategies for teaching writing that you can use no matter what your  school’s program is. As with The Reading Strategies Book, this resource provides many tried and true strategies for teaching at your fingertips. I have a lot of professional books, but Jen’s books are resources I can use in my daily coaching work. If you don’t have these books, you definitely want to check these out!

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