Free Range Readers

Nurturing Self Reliant Readers and Writers in K-6 classrooms

September 18, 2016
by mnosal

It Takes a Village, PLUS!

More reflecting on student reading and writing as the school year begins. I am excited about the possibilities for curriculum work and building new relationships. I was lucky to have some wonderful opportunities for collaboration in my previous school, and one thing I know is that we get stronger and smarter when we teachers work together.

I love to knit and crochet, and have enjoyed learning new stitches and patterns in what is known as “CAL” or “KAL” projects…..crochet-along and knit-along, respectively. I’ve been thinking about “TAL” ….a teach-along, or something similar to the weekly participation projects a lot of bloggers enjoy. Any and all thoughts encouraged…. leave a comment!

Right now, I’m in a major “gathering/collecting” mode……trying to pull teaching resources together. Stay tuned!

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