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Poetry Friday





For this week’s Poetry Friday, I chose this poem by one of my favorite poets. If you have a few moments to poke around the poetry foundation resources, read her bio. She is one of my writer heroes. Enjoy the poem, and Happy Friday!

October- Midst, by Eve Merriam

The mornings careless, sun-sprawled, radical with light,

Roller-coaster air: plunging to bottomless bright

Then giddying climb to shattering sky-sight


Trees carnival with color, the circus wind through all,

And I the acrobat along the slack wire crawl

The net of job below daily to fall


Author: mnosal

I have been in education for all of my life, in one way or another. After teaching 5th grade at an urban public charter school, I have decided to return to the public schools and to literacy coaching K-5. I also teach and mentor preservice teachers.


  1. What a fabulous poem. Love “trees carnival with color” especially.

  2. Wow, I do love Eve Merriam, & this is new to me, Maureen. Thank you. I love that “giddying climb to shattering sky-sight”.

  3. Thank you for commenting, Linda! I love that line, too!

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