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Poetry Friday: Under This Sky


Poetry Friday!

Poetry Friday this week is hosted by Donna at Mainely Write

So many people shared Emma Lazarus’s iconic poem this week, The New Colossus. It was a reminder of the power of poetry, of words put together on a page with intention and passion. I was reminded of a favorite anthology of mine, This Same Sky: A Collection of Poems From Around The World, by Naomi Shihab Nye.

If you are looking for inspiration today, check out this podcast with Nye from On Being with Krista Tippett, Your Life is a Poem.

The poem I want to share this week comes from the anthology by poet Zia Hyder, and is a reminder of our likenesses and differences in this great, big world:



There’s an enormous comfort knowing

we all live under this same sky,

whether in New York or Dhaka,

we see the same sun and same moon.


When it is night in New York,

the sun shines in Dhaka,

but that doesn’t matter.

Flowers that blossom here in spring

are unknown in meadows of distant Bengal —

that too doesn’t matter.

There’s no rainy season here —

the peasant in Bengal welcomes the new crop

with homemade sweets

while here, winter brings mountains of snow.


No one here knows Grandmother’s hand-sewn quilt —

even that doesn’t matter.

There’s an enormous comfort knowing

we all live under this same sky….. (read the rest of the poem in the anthology)


Have a poetic weekend!

Author: mnosal

I have been in education for all of my life, in one way or another. After teaching 5th grade at an urban public charter school, I have decided to return to the public schools and to literacy coaching K-5. I also teach and mentor preservice teachers.


  1. This anthology is a favorite of mine, and I used it often with my students. Thanks for sharing Nye’s poem, which is lovely of course!

  2. Thanks, Linda!

  3. What a beautiful book to share. It’s new to me. I think I need it!

  4. I’m in the process of choosing poems for the poetry notebooks we’ll launch in a few weeks. Thanks for reminding me to look in this anthology (one of my favorites)!

  5. That is comforting poem of connection. I love Nye’s work, both her writing and her gathering of poems.

  6. I’ve not read this one before – very nice. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Thanks for sharing, I’m glad we all live under the same sky–hope more will consider this too!

  8. I recently heard an old interview with Nye and was reminded of how good her work is, and how necessary for these times! Thanks, Mary Lee!

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